Read Locally: One Minute Book Reviews
of books by Vermont authors

Laura has started a series that reviews new fiction and non-fiction by Vermont authors.
Reviews appear bi-weekly in the Deerfield Valley News.

Recent Reviews

Jackson Ellis, Lords of St. Thomas (PDF)

Beth Kanell, The Long Shadow (PDF)

2018 Reviews 

Annie Barrows, Nothing

Lamar Giles, Overturned

Laurie Forest Harlequin, The Black Witch 

Dashka Slater, The 57 Bus

Robin MacArthur, Heart Spring Mountain

Older Reviews, 2015-17 

Robin MacArthur, Half Wild

Neil Shepard and Anthony Reczek, Vermont Exit Ramps II

Castle Freeman, Jr., The Devil in the Valley

Tracey Medieros, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook


A listing of other reviews can be found here.


Liar From Vermont


You can buy Liar From Vermont from Bartleby's Books, which is located just down the road from where Laura lives in the town where many of the stories are set. Bartleby's takes orders online. Liar is also available at your favorite local and online bookshops, directly from the publisher, online at Brigantine Media, and from Amazon.

Read more about the book here.





The liar, in Vermont, 1954.