About Deafness

Laura has spoken about deafness:

Laura gave the Edmund Lyon Memorial Lecture at the National Technological Institute of the Deaf in Rochester, New York, December, 2011. Lecture

Laura has written directly about deafness in two articles:

"A Wall of Glass," Potash Hill: Alumni Magazine of Marlboro College, Winter 1991

"Memory, Music and Cochlear Implant," Seneca Review Fall 2009/Spring 2010, Volume 39, No. 2

She has written indirectly about deafness in two books:

The Island and the Ring, in which the the tyrant Ascanet punished Eliar, a master lutenist, for his refusal to betray Elyssonne by making him deaf

Return In Kind, in which the major character Eleanor is a late deafened adult facing total loss of hearing.