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This one's a mystery set five months after the end of World War I, on a Cotswolds estate whose heir, Hugh Chandace-Willingford, one of the finest riders in England, has been killed at Passchendaele. Hugh has left behind Errant, a gloriously talented young horse, a stable once famous throughout England for dressage, and Harry Green, a stable lad whose father is the chief groom. Harry’s principal concern until the book’s opening has been working Errant in the dressage learned from Hugh—but in March, 1919, the steward of the estate is murdered, and the investigation proves that the estate is on the verge of bankruptcy. What will happen to Harry’s father, now that automobiles are replacing horses as a means of transportation? And what will happen to Harry, a stable lad who is in fact a lass—and one with no skills suitable to women? The answer is clear: Harry must discover who killed the steward, thus proving herself Somebody instead of a servant. The prospect is more dangerous than she has anticipated.

All Men Glad and Wise nominated for IPNE!

The Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) Book Awards has selected All Men Glad and Wise as a 2022 award finalist in the Genre Fiction category.

"Book review: Laura C. Stevenson's new mystery does not dally"

All Men Glad and Wise reviewed by Gordon Dossett of Vermont News & Media for Bennington Banner and Brattleboro Reformer

All Men Glad and Wise

has recently been listed on Books by Women, with a discussion of the writing process.

All Men Glad and Wise

is listed on Shepherd.com, a site for people looking for books that might interest them. Here are Laura’s bio and reading suggestions.

Featured on Barney Smith's popular padcast Story Comic:

"Storycomic Presents: Laura C Stevenson, Award Winning Vermont Author"



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The books reviewed in this series are available through Wilmington's Pettee Memorial Library, the Whitingham Free Public Library, and locally owned Bartleby's Books in Wilmington.

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